Friday, January 25, 2008

Get Free UK Sim Cards

I am starting to get a bit frustrated with getting my O2 sim card replaced. It is so complicated that I would spare you the details. Well, luckily I received a free Orange sim card that I ordered a couple of days back in the post today. This means, I can finally have my new UK number after my previous one went dead on me.

Word of advice, that if you are in the UK and would require a sim card, order it for free instead of paying £9.99 in the shops to get them. All you need is a valid UK address to post it to. I am not sure if they send it to hotels or offices but my two previous encounters of staying in a service apartment works fine. This post is also useful for students.

Here are a couple of links which are valid at the time of posting for you to order your free Prepaid (Pay As You Go) Sim Cards:

1) 02 Sim Cards (Request Up to 4 Cards Max)

2) Orange Sim Cards (Request Up to 4 Cards Max)

3) Vodafone Sim Cards (1 only)

4) T-Mobile Sim Cards (2 Sim Cards)

Virgin Mobile
5) Virgin Mobile Sim Cards (1 Sim Card)

After receiving your sim cards, you will need to activate them by usually simply calling a toll free number and later putting in some credit to your phone. The good thing about Pay As You Go sim cards is that you do not have to sign any contracts and may terminate it whenever you wish.

Having your UK sim cards will avoid you paying expensive roaming charges with your home country mobile.

I hope the tip above is helpful to anyone who needs a UK mobile number and be able to save up some cash while being in the UK.


Benny Ong


Song Yia said...

I got myself an O2 sim card here in Hamburg. Not the best telco in terms for pricing and user-friendliness for non german speakers. Will be changing to another telco soon.

bennyong said...

The last time I checked, they were apparently the largest operator in UK and also part of a Spanish company Telefonica or something. Wait for my Telecommunications company that will change everything!