Sunday, January 06, 2008

Father Of The Pride

Almost two hours before the end of Sunday and guess what I have been spending my lazy weekend on? Well, I have been catching up with my recently delivered DVDs from Amazon. (Two out of three went missing in the post and I am going to file another complaint)

One of the DVD that I ordered was Father of The Pride which is from Dreamworks. It is the first primetime CGI-animated series with a feature film quality look to it. Each episode costs $1.6 million and 9 months to make which makes it one of the most expensive series ever to be produced.

Father Of The Pride

This CGI-animated series is about a family of white lions who work as performers in the Las Vegas act of illusionists Siegfried & Roy.

The show stars Larry (John Goodman; The father in Coyote's Ugly), a hard-working white lion in the revue with his wife Kate, a white lioness. Sarmoti, another white lion who is Kate's father - and Larry's father-in-law - clashes with Larry on every subject imaginable. Rounding out the group is Snack, a mischievous gopher and Larry's best friend.

It should be noted that the name Sarmoti is actually the acronym S.A.R.M.O.T.I., which stands for Siegfried and Roy: Masters of the Impossible.

The show was in jeopardy when in October 2003, Roy Horn was mauled by one of his tigers during a stage show that left Horn in critical condition. Executives at NBC and DreamWorks didn't know whether or not to go on with the show, but as Roy showed signs of improvement, both Siegfried and Roy urged the show to move forward in production.

When the show debuted in late August 2004, it got off to a good start with strong ratings. The ratings continued to show good promise for the show through early September 2004, until the ratings started to rapidly decline. The show faced more trouble when it was pulled from November 2004 sweeps, undoubtedly signaling the end was near. In early December 2004, Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks Animation CEO and show creator, announced that the show was cancelled. A few of the remaining episodes were burned off in late December 2004.

Regardless of the status of the show, I still enjoyed watching it and only have about 4 episodes remaining before I officially finish the whole series. One of the episodes guest stars Donkey from Shrek.

Donkey from Shrek

Donkey (Eddie Murphy) Makes A Guest Appearance.

It also has a list of guest celebrity voices such as Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and David Spade (The Llama in Disney's Emperor's New Groove).

In a nutshell, the show is great because of the standard and quality of the animation. The first few episodes were not that good but the plot improves as it progress.

Do try and grab a chance to watch this amazing series, I highly recommend it.


Ashley said...

Wow! Didn't know you have such a fantastic archive of your own blogS! LOL. Lots of really interesting post I must say :) This animation looks and sounds interesting and has one of my all time fav celeb voice in it. Even though she is just a guest. No time for movies or shows now though. Even if I did, I'm waiting for my Desperate Housewife Season 4 to air here...=D

bennyong said...

Hey Ash, thanks for dropping by. thanks for the compliments and like wise you are doing great on your blog. I am addicted to these sort of show and the writer strike is not doing us good as I can't download Desperate Housewives.