Thursday, January 10, 2008

Create Your Own Mini City

When you thought that you have done it all, think again? Have you ever dream of building your own city watch it prosper through time?

Why not challenge yourself to create your own city. Just a point to make that my boundaries don't stop there, cause I intend to start my own religion; Bennyism: the Art of Self Worshiping. That will come right after I dominate the world.

My Mini City

Well, the SIM City like game allows anyone on the internet to create their own city by giving it a name in the country of their preference. The cool thing about this is that it does not require any registration and the population grows by the amount of visit the page receives.

Click here to visit MyMiniCity located in beautiful and sunny Malaysia. As I have just created it a couple of hours ago, there is not much to see and loads of greenery. A very good place for people to escape the buzzling life with ample greeneries. Analyst have forecasted that the city will grow in a rapid rate through enjoying a steady stream of visitors.

Did my story sound convincing? I am pretty sure that I will be addicted to this page a couple of times but should be over it very shortly. Let's see how huge can the population and industry grow in the city of Bennyong.

In a nutshell, this page is just novelty and a cool to have. It is a very interesting idea as I have never come across any sites like this with a similar concept. I wish I would have thought of the idea first. :)

If you wish to create your own city, go to the main url of myminicity and create your own.


Pete said...

"mysql.c(438) : Failed to connect to mysql server : Too many connections"

Apparently, your city's infrastructure leaves more to be desired ^^;;;

bennyong said...

Oh well, I did mentioned that it is a very fresh city.. Lots more to catch up. Cheers Pete!

Simas said...

Hey, could u visit my city plz? its small now thank you!!!

bennyong said...

Hey Simas! Thanks for your comments on my Mini City. It is definately not growing as rapidly as yours. Cheers.

Pete said...

Benny I just gave you some more population.

Karmvir said...

Can you click on my village please its

tully said...

i wanna join

Pete said...

I found a similar one:

Because this one is in Facebook, it seems to have a big visitorship right off the bat.