Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brand New Blog Layouts

I took the opportunity today to update and revamp my whole blog. (Updated to the latest version of wordpress, new template and whole load of plugins) Well, this is part of my back logged list of website revamps. So far, I manage to redesign one of my many sites which is which is not even near completion. With determination and more time I will eventually get there.

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If you realize, I have chosen a more corporate centric template this time around for my blog in hopes to optimize the monetization of the blog. I have realized an increase in traffic lately and thought I should ride on the opportunity. Funnily, after resting a short nap, I realize my blog was not up and running due to the header not properly loaded using the FTP. This means my site was down for a good 4 hours plus.

I learned a good lesson here whereby to verify everything is up and running before escaping reality into dreamworld. I have fixed the issue now but the site is far from complete which I will continue working on till I get it done.

Before completion, I have already got a few critics on my back. It might be premature to judge my site and I urge everyone to see it when it is ready.

On the other hand, I have made a choice to consolidate all the sites I manage into a few key online brands which I hopefully do a blog post about. We will see and I hope you can stay tune to it.

Just let me know what you think of the revamp.



Song Yia said...

Its a nice clean new look which emphasises on your "self centered -ness". =P

Song Yia said...

SHIT! I spelt my name wrongly!