Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blog Wars With Rewards

I was aware of a popularity contest going on between two tech centric blogs and after reading John Chow’s blog post and endorsement, I decided to jump into the bandwagon and participate. (Peeps….That does not mean I am easily manipulated!)

Well, first and foremost, Tyler Cruz and Gyutae Park from Winning The Web has organized a competition which will decide who is the more popular blog. Fellow bloggers may vote by posting about this competition and mention their choice. Each bloggers are arranging incentives to vote for them and the voter of the winning blog will be on the run to win 3 of USD 100.00 prizes paid by the losing blog. Very interesting indeed isn’t it? The full details of the competition are at both Tyler and Gyutae posts respectively.

I Vote For Tyler

The moment of truth on who I will be voting for. It has to be Tyler Cruz because of the following:

1) I like the layout and design of the page better
2) I don’t know what EntreCards are and would like to find out with the points given
3) I don’t want another t-shirt as I have heaps in my closet

If it was based on a quick look, Winning The Web offers better incentive but I would still to my judgment.

What they could have done better to win is to come up with a template post that any participating bloggers can use. This will encourage more fellow bloggers to enter as they need to expand the content rather than writing the whole blog post themselves. That is my take on the situation.

Regardless, this is a very good tactic on increasing hits and getting exposure to their blogs. To be honest, I have not heard of these two chaps until the competition caught my attention. I have been living in a cave and reading my own blogs for far too long. I could be a testimony that this strategy is affective.

Do join in the fun by posting your vote on your blog. Do keep in mind the terms of the conditions. At time of this post, you have approximately 24 hours to participate. Although Gyutae Park has the lead, we will see what will happen.

Once again, good luck to both on winning and I will my fingers cross for choice as I want the $100 in my bank account.

Cheers All!


Entrepreneur said...

Oh, you poor thing. You voted for the wrong guy! See the analysis on my site if you want, :D

J/K- may the best man win!

bennyong said...

I participated for fun but the $100 will do me good! :)

Tyler vs Gyutae Contest Results | An Internet Entrepreneur’s Journey said...

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