Thursday, January 03, 2008

Analyze Your Face With

To further the journey of self discovery and understanding of one self, I decided to try out This website provides you a free detailed and thorough analysis of your face based on your uploaded picture. It is amazing what websites do nowadays!

Face Analyzer

The website requires registration to fully complete the examination and obtaining your results. All you need to do further is to provide a clear picture of yourself. It is recommended for it to be on a light background. (I did it with my VISA application photo and apparently I look like Andy Lau, No Joke!) I decided to use a different picture because I believe I looked better and I turn out to look like Bruce Lee.

Face Analyzer

The results of it knowing that I am Southeast Asian is quite impressive but I am suspecting that they took the details of when I was registering rather than solely the picture itself. There is a results section which splits a few ratings into the scale of 1-10 for income, gayness, politeness, risk and ambition to name a few.

About Me

To view a full page of my face analysis as demo, please click here!

Do your own face analysis and let me know who you look like the most and what sort of person you are.

Disclaimer: I don't know how accurate this stuff are but it was just for fun and makes a good blog post!


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