Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Day Out House Hunting

Today, I went to 8 apartments looking for a permanent roof for the next 10-11 months for my stay here. It was nice to see all these apartments and compare them. I did not take pictures of most of them as the agents have printed them off but there were some agents who did not prepare anything.

My requirements are pretty much simple which is the location needs to be near the city center, it must be equipped with a washing machine with dryer, microwave oven, stove, dish washer and all kitchen utensils. I do not intend to furnish it myself as one year will be just a wink of an eye and I will be stuck with the problem of trying to get rid of the furniture.

Well, here are some pictures that I have taken today.

Living Room

Typical Living Room

Bicycle Rack

My Fave Bicycle Racks or Hooks?



I found the apartment that I like which overlooks the Southampton Walls and have views of both side of the building which I am going for a second view tomorrow.



Pete said...

That kitchen is gorgeous! Perfect for heating up and serving chicken wings ^_^

bennyong said...

Thanks mate. Just went back to some of the apartments and they will be available in March. Will try to find for something available sooner to move in.

Cheryl Leong said...

Good luck in getting a warm & cozy apartment tat fullfill all u need ;)

Happy Chinese New Year to you too