Saturday, December 08, 2007

What is M to U?

As I was driving in the city during my visit to Pikom's PC fair, I saw this huge banner with the words What is M to U? Instantly struck my mind was Maybank's online banking service. It stayed in my mind until I got home to view the website. Although it uses the same corporate colours, I strugled to find any links back to the Finance Establishment but finally found it at the terms and conditions.

The website did not have too much details or information of what it is for but I slowly discovered from random clicks that you can direct your own movie. The flash website is smart enough to compute your script and produce relevant video snippets and paste them altogether to create a masterpiece.

I entered my own movie and script under the category "Mind". I have been feeling lucky recently and will be submitting more entries shortly. Please do vote for me if there is a voting scheme anyways. I want to win stuff!

Post your entries to at!


Benny Ong.

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