Sunday, December 23, 2007

You might have come across my status on twitter, facebook, friendster or msn about me redesigning my websites. Well, it is true and this is a sneak peak to one of my initial projects. was originally setup as a free content web page that required no registration to use. It use to provide over 60,000 pages of syndicated content for downloads. It sustains itself from web advertising and I was hoping that the fresh Web 2.0 look and content syndication will reap in more profits to sponsor my other upcoming online ventures.

Here is a quick look at the changes and face lift that has been done to the web page.

Then & Now

I am asking you a favor to drop by the website and have a look at it. Please do give your comments about the site. Do keep in mind that this page is still in soft launch mode. I will launch a full promotion for visitors and hits when it is  fully completed.

If you are looking for a reliable web hosting, do check out where this blog and is hosted at.

Thanks bunch and it is just a few days to Christmas! Can't wait for that.....


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Jayce said...

Cool... Nice website. :)