Saturday, December 01, 2007

My First Treasure Hunt

Today was an early day as we had to gather at Lunchbox, the cafe next to my office at 6.30 for the annual treasure hunt. I missed out on last years as I was not around. It was also by chance that I could participate in this years due to my travel arrangements. We were the last team to participate even after entry has closed and was car No 38.

The day started off with a Sudoku challenge and our team were hardly awake. This delayed our journey by a good 1 hour. The following clue after was for Nilai Rest Area to collect our tulips and maps. The journey started on with us driving towards Port Dickson whereby we reached Eagle Ranch for a physical challenge. I almost puke after eating a cracker with a layer of wasabi on it while going through an obstacle course.

At Eagle Ranch

At Eagle Ranch

The journey continued on to Melaka whereby it was like Fear Factor when my teammate Lincoln was to be place in glass coffin with two pythons and king cobras bagged up. The only was to let him out was for me to dip my hands in an aquarium with eels to retrieve pebbles to spell out the world Diversity to get him the keys.

After completion of the challenge of this league, we continued on Jonker Street before heading on to Yong Peng. After solving the final clue, we drove straight to Pulai Springs in JB

Team 38

Team #38

It ain't that bad that we manage to finish second place falling short of 2 points from the champs.

Well, it was indeed a great day spent with a great bunch of people.

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