Monday, December 24, 2007

Jarrod & Rawlins


Thanks to the bunch in the office, I will be celebrating Christmas Eve. There is nothing wrong about it but I would either be at home surfing the net and designing websites or sleeping if it wasn't for them.

The girls decided on the location of Jarrod & Rawlins whereby their choices of sausages and meat are to die for. The concept is whereby you select your choice of fresh sliced meat and sausages from the cold counter as you enter. You have to estimate the amount you wish to eat based on the weight in grams just like how you order your ham at Cold Storage. Once ordered and you have stated your preferred side dish (Mash Potatoes, Fries or Salad), your food will be delivered to your seat when it is ready. To compliment your dining experience, they have a good collection of wine.

There is something called "Dynamite" sausage that I would recommend.

Variety of Sausages

Variety of Sausages & Fries

Meat Meat Meat

Meat Meat Meat

I can swear I tasted something like "Char Siew" and "Siew Yok" from the platter above.

Cleaning Up The Ribs

Cleaning Up The Ribs

The total bill came up to about RM 50.00 per head which was reasonable as we had wine and the stuff pictured above. (The portion may look small but it is deceiving!!!)

That's all for now and skip the dessert as it is not worth it.

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