Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Salute The Japs

Thanks to the wonders of video sharing sites, I discovered a few videos of latest inventions. I don’t have any methods to verify their authenticity but they seem convincing.

The one that I would like to bring your attention is to this clothing material. It is as soft as fiber and yet hard enough to withstand the impact as demonstrated by the reporter. I wish I would have learned the language to understand what the hell he is talking about.

The second video is courtesy of about a new toy made from a sticky material. It is in a shape of a pig and once throw on a smooth surface, it will go all flat but can still go back to is regular shape. This is not something new but I believe they have improved the concept and idea of the toy. I am just wondering what would happen if it was thrown on a bed of sand.

The Japs are acting god in this upcoming video and they have managed to remove the fear strand of the mice. The cat in the video must have been domesticated and have no hunting instinct.

Part of the article that I have extracted:“Mice are naturally terrified of cats, and usually panic or flee at the smell of one. But mice with certain nasal cells removed through genetic engineering didn’t display any fear,� said research team leader Ko Kobayakawa.“The mice approached the cat, even snuggled up to it and played with it,� Kobayakawa said. “The discovery that fear is genetically determined and not learned after birth is very interesting, and goes against what was previously thought.�

That’s all for now and I salute you Japs for the innovation you bring to our everyday lifes!



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