Monday, December 31, 2007

Hot Air Balloon Ride

What a way to end the year with a hot air balloon ride at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. (Trust me, I heard you when you say what a place to welcome the new year)

Hot Air Balloon

Trying To "Get It Up"

Well, don't get me wrong but I had a different agenda there which is to take my first ever air balloon ride which to me was great. We were there too early and waited a while before seeing a glimpse of people resembling what we would consider a crew setting up the air balloon opposite the stadium. (And yes... there is a stadium at Titiwangsa)

They started slow with assembling the air balloon together and had to rush to keep up with time. It was a challenge for them to get the balloon up because of the wind. The RM 50.00 per person price tag should be worth if for the amount of effort and sweat they put in. Look at the first try of getting the hot air balloon up.

The first few attempts was nice to watch but it turned out boring when it took them almost an hour later to bring the first bunch up to the sky. Finally it was our turn. To all girls, don't wear any skirt because it makes it harder for you to enter the basket.In The Balloon

All In And Ready To Go

This was put together by Skyevents. A one year old company which I believe have the niche market in Malaysia dominated. They better make best use of it before another competitor comes in. A majority of their crew are from the middle east.

The event although very badly organized was overcome by my excitement of being in an air balloon. Song Yia insisted that I am following the foot steps of my idol, Sir Richard Branson.

Despite the delays, we were quite lucky to be able to go up to the sky as the ride after ours was canceled because of the rain. Full refunds were handed back to participants who missed out.

Happy New Year!!!


Song Yia said...

I know you were imagining yourself in Richard Branson's shoes when we were up in the sky =P. It was a great experience despite the horrendous organisation.

bennyong said...

I can swear to god that I was not but you are right that I am always walking in Richard Branson's shoes/ =)

South west Balloon Flights said...

Looks like you had a lovely balloon ride.

chee said...

Every sunday morning only have this hot air balloon ride?