Thursday, December 06, 2007

Free Snake Game Download

Something before the weekend! 

Remember those days when everyone was carrying a Nokia 3210. Those were my high school time and this software that I compiled is in the memory of those times. The game is called Snake and there was once a craze about it and I intend to bring it back!

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"Snake is a video game that came out in the mid-to-late 1970s and has maintained popularity since then, becoming somewhat of a classic. The player controls a long, thin creature, resembling a snake, which roams around on a bordered plane, picking up food (or some other item), trying to avoid hitting its own tail or the "walls" that surround the playing area. Each time the snake eats a piece of food, its tail grows longer, making the game increasingly difficult. The user controls the direction of the snake's head (up, down, left, or right), and the snake's body follows. The player cannot stop the snake from moving while the game is in progress."

I had the intention of distributing it exclusively through a subscription page with a Joint Venture site but felt that it should be open to all like the principles I live with. Good things are meant to be shared.

I hope you will enjoy this and as usual, it fits nicely in your thumb drive. Distribute this file openly and don't ask me about its compatability because I don't test it.


Benny Ong

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Hi everyone,

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this game is good

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Great stuff. Nicely done!