Saturday, December 22, 2007

Animate Yourself

If you are a self worshiper like myself, well Gizmoz is the website for you! It allows you to do loads of stuff and basically create a 3D animation of yourself. I did one post earlier about Gizmoz when I first discovered it. Back then, I thought it was only going to be a one time affair but I was wrong.

A newsletter that was sent to my inbox highlighting their new features made me curious. I was hooked afterwards and looked what I wasted my waking hours on.

This is what Gizmoz term as an animated sticker.

This is an Answering Machine whereby you can record your messages.

I use their pre-recorded voices but you can use your own recording. They also had the option to create your own animated video but I could not get one generated. It could be some issues with my connection but it is definitely worth a try.

Well, look at how cool that is.... Let's hope this will project to the world with the Law of Attraction that I want more MONEY!!!!!

I urge you all to have a go at it!

That's all for now, enjoy your weekend!

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