Saturday, November 17, 2007

Upload Your Face

I stumbled upon this website while uploading some of my pictures on Flickr. For every face they receive, they will donate USD 1.00 to the RED CRESENT in Dubai. Sorough is a real estate agency in the middle east and currently holds the record of having the largest poster in the world.

The 20,000 sq meter poster which is lying flat on the ground along the air path way of Dubai is visible from high above the sky. That is bigger than three football fields put together.

I believe the next plan is to fill up that space with pictures from all over the world. Start submitting your pictures now to be a part of this experience. It is free but I did not spend time to read any of the terms so I am unsure what it will end up to be but what the heck!

Do hurry as there is 44 days left to hit target of 1 million faces.

Click here to be transported to the website!

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