Monday, November 26, 2007

Change Of Address On Malaysian IC

One the first day of my leave, being a responsible model citizen of the nation that we all love, I decided to update the address of my national id 6 months after I moved into my new house. This is after some words of encouragement to brave the government departments to get this sorted once and for all. It was never a pleasure as I can recall waiting in line for ages. With the speculations of the upcoming election being nearby, it is also a bonus for me to vote in the place I currently live in with an IC that reflects the current address.

After breakfast, I wasted no time heading to the National Registry. Arriving there at about half past ten, I was given a number to wait in line with 50 people ahead of me. There was also a request for me to bring any bills that reflects my latest address. Call me ignorant but I spend the whole evening before bed last night looking for any documentations on this matter but nothing came up.

The funny part is that the bill does not even have to bear my name. (So much for security and identity theft prevention) Being smart, we propose to have it faxed over to safe a journey home but was told to present the original copy. Looking at our number, the officer confidently asked us to go home and get the necessary documents. Feeling mad at myself, we headed home to get the documents and it all together took us about an hour to get back to the registry.

Upon arrival, we were surprise to see that there were still 20 people waiting before me. Feeling relieve that my queue number is still valid, I was also frustrated at the same time of the speed of service. It was soon lunch time and all counters that were accepting the forms had their counter closed sign displayed. This left one man standing on counter two to face the crowd waiting to be served. Half an hour passed and with about 8 more people before my turn, other counters started reopening.

When it was my turn, I was told that the chip of my card was damaged and needed to pay RM10.00 for replacement. She also mentioned that I have to pay her at the counter itself. Without questioning, I pass on to her the cash and she accepted it while maintaining eye contact with me at all times dragging the money without lifting it up from the corner of the front desk towards her. Without opening any drawers to store the money for safekeeping, she handed me a slip and told me to wait for my picture to be taken. At that moment, I felt like I have been cheated and was very close to launching a complain. She was extra friendly after I gave her the payment which made the whole incident extra suspicious.

Having a second look at the slip, half of it was a receipt that shows the details of my payment which made me feel embaress for even getting upset for nothing. Before I knew it, my number was called and it was time for my picture to be taken. I was greeted by a friendly lady and she told me to return in a months time to collect my final identity card.

My comments on the whole experience was that the service has indeed improved in terms of being friendliness but heaps need to be done on the speed of the service. I acknowledge the improvement which changed my perspective of things but can't ignore that there is still much to do.

Well, that's all for today and I will be heading to the sky bridge at Petronas KL Twin Towers tomorrow. Will share my experience with you.


Benny Ong

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