Thursday, November 29, 2007

Live & Loud KL: Acoustic

Live & Loud

I have been waiting all month for this concert and thanks to my dearest Song Yia, it became a reality. Braving through the rains and crowded LRT to get to KLCC was all well worth it.

James Morrison

The Queue At The Entrance

Performing artists for the Acoustic line up was our own Malaysian Dayang Nurfaizah, Rick Price (Heaven Knows) and the highlight of the event James Morrison (You Give Me Something, Wonderful World).

James Morrison

James Morrison

A funny incident happen when a sound guy that had almost the same features as James was up on stage setting up the musical instruments and tuning them. I myself was tricked into believing he was James Morrison but it turned out to be otherwise. I believe the crowd was a bit embaressed afterwards when the lights were a bit brighter.

The concert ended at 12.30 and as mentioned earlier, my expectations were satisfied. The concert would have been as successful with James Morrison performing by himself on stage.

That's all for now and lets keep our fingers cross for this to be an annual musical event!

Benny Ong

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spare 5 Minutes And Learn

Another cool website that I stumbled upon from watching a video on Youtube. It is called The aim of the website is basically knowledge sharing between people around the world through the beauty of video sharing. There are tons of tutorials awaiting you and if you have any spare time, contribute some as well. Every video only averages 5 minutes on this website which should not take too much of your time.

If you are ever bored, just drop by this website and learn something new!


Benny Ong

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

KL Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge Visit

Today, Benny has finally step on the link bridge between the two towers of KL skyscrapers. You’ve guessed it, on my second day off from work and no where to escape to, playing KL tourists for a day doesn’t seem that bad.

Funny enough, upon doing my research for the twin towers sky bridge visit, I did not find enough details about the opening times and etc. I have to gather information from blogs and other websites. It is a shame that even the official website had no details on the sky bridge visit. Well, this blog will be my attempt as a service to the world on providing as much details as possible so that your expectations are well managed during a planned visit.

The tickets up to the twin towers sky bridge are free. There are limited tickets being issued throughout the day with the counter opening at 8.30 a.m. for visits happening every 15 minutes starting from 9.00 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. The queues tend to be long and depending on the crowd, it can run out within hours but today, tickets were still available up till noon before the screen shown the sign that tickets have run out.

The Queue

The Queue Ticket Counter

The counters to collect the tickets are located next to Maybank which is on the Lower Ground Floor of the base of the Twin Towers. There are small escalators on the ground floor of the towers leading you to the ticket office.

The Tickets

With The Precious Tickets

As we managed to get our hands on the 11.45 tickets, we had couple of hours to spare. We headed up to the ground floor of Suria KLCC to have breakfast at Dome overlooking the man made lake. Look at how tired I look after waking up to join the queue to get those tickets. There are a variety of places to have breakfast but it comes at a premium price.

We also shifted our car to a nearby all day fixed rate open air space as the parking at KLCC is fairly expensive at RM 3.00 for the first hour and RM1.00 each following half an hour. The open air parking area is just next to the KL Convention Center and only costs RM 6.00.

Other Tall Buildings

Some Other World Sky Scrapers

Next to the ticket counter, there is an exhibition hall with a documentary looping, a nice simulator which tells you how much taller some buildings are than yourself.

Taller Than Me!

The Tower Are Taller Than Me…. Duh!

We soon heard the announcement for the 11.45 tour to gather at the entrance. Passes were distributed to us and I was given a yellow lanyard. The group was separated into two as a method of crowd control. We were then escorted to a screening room and given a pair of glasses each.

With The Glasses

Don’t I Look Cool

The glass was to enhance the video presentation about Petronas which is as recorded below. Excuse the poor quality as it was meant to look good with the glasses on.

After the show it was time to up the bridge but we had to go through a security checkpoint and metal detector. Items such as shopping bags, umbrella and food were not permitted up to the skybridge. They had to be stored at the locker area which is just after the security check point. Chewing gum was also not permitted.

When you are in the high speed lift, it goes up to the 41st floor in less than a minute. You can feel the air pressure change in your ears. The double decker link bridge stands 170meters above the ground. The bridge is double decker and the bottom level was for tourists and the upper deck was for staff to commute between buildings. After a brief explanation from our guide, we were left free to explore the sky bridge



With Song Yia

With Song Yia

The view was not as clear because of the rain but it was still a lot of fun. There was a viewing area on both sides at the center of the bridge.

Rainy Day View

The View On A Rainy Day

We were ask to leave after ten minutes whereby we handed back our lanyards and collected our items from the locker. My trip did not end there as we continued on walking to the Pavilion, Sungei Wang Plaza and Berjaya Times Square. The after rain weather permitted us to do so as I believe we would have been roasted otherwise.

I told you that this was going to be a very detailed blog. There goes one check off my to do lists. Bungee Jumping next? We will see about that.

Take care.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Change Of Address On Malaysian IC

One the first day of my leave, being a responsible model citizen of the nation that we all love, I decided to update the address of my national id 6 months after I moved into my new house. This is after some words of encouragement to brave the government departments to get this sorted once and for all. It was never a pleasure as I can recall waiting in line for ages. With the speculations of the upcoming election being nearby, it is also a bonus for me to vote in the place I currently live in with an IC that reflects the current address.

After breakfast, I wasted no time heading to the National Registry. Arriving there at about half past ten, I was given a number to wait in line with 50 people ahead of me. There was also a request for me to bring any bills that reflects my latest address. Call me ignorant but I spend the whole evening before bed last night looking for any documentations on this matter but nothing came up.

The funny part is that the bill does not even have to bear my name. (So much for security and identity theft prevention) Being smart, we propose to have it faxed over to safe a journey home but was told to present the original copy. Looking at our number, the officer confidently asked us to go home and get the necessary documents. Feeling mad at myself, we headed home to get the documents and it all together took us about an hour to get back to the registry.

Upon arrival, we were surprise to see that there were still 20 people waiting before me. Feeling relieve that my queue number is still valid, I was also frustrated at the same time of the speed of service. It was soon lunch time and all counters that were accepting the forms had their counter closed sign displayed. This left one man standing on counter two to face the crowd waiting to be served. Half an hour passed and with about 8 more people before my turn, other counters started reopening.

When it was my turn, I was told that the chip of my card was damaged and needed to pay RM10.00 for replacement. She also mentioned that I have to pay her at the counter itself. Without questioning, I pass on to her the cash and she accepted it while maintaining eye contact with me at all times dragging the money without lifting it up from the corner of the front desk towards her. Without opening any drawers to store the money for safekeeping, she handed me a slip and told me to wait for my picture to be taken. At that moment, I felt like I have been cheated and was very close to launching a complain. She was extra friendly after I gave her the payment which made the whole incident extra suspicious.

Having a second look at the slip, half of it was a receipt that shows the details of my payment which made me feel embaress for even getting upset for nothing. Before I knew it, my number was called and it was time for my picture to be taken. I was greeted by a friendly lady and she told me to return in a months time to collect my final identity card.

My comments on the whole experience was that the service has indeed improved in terms of being friendliness but heaps need to be done on the speed of the service. I acknowledge the improvement which changed my perspective of things but can't ignore that there is still much to do.

Well, that's all for today and I will be heading to the sky bridge at Petronas KL Twin Towers tomorrow. Will share my experience with you.


Benny Ong

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Man Turning Into A Tree?

Found this video by accident and wanted to share it. My sister mentioned that this was in the local papers recently. Could this be a curse?

Here are extracts of the rare documented case:

*Dede, an Indonesian fisherman, now 35 y.o, baffled medical experts when warty "roots" began growing out of his arms and feet after he cut his knee in a teenage accident.

*Sacked from his job and deserted by his wife, Dede has been raising his two children - now in their late teens - in poverty, resigned to the fact that local doctors had no cure for his condition.

*To make ends meet he even joined a local "freak show", parading in front of a paying audience alongside victims of other peculiar diseases.

*Dede's problem is that he has a rare genetic fault that impedes his immune system, meaning his body is unable to contain the warts.
The virus was therefore able to "hijack the cellular machinery of his skin cells", ordering them to produce massive amounts of the substance that caused the tree-like growths known as "cutaneous horns" on his hands and feet.

*Dr.Gaspari,who became involved in the case through a Discovery Channel documentary, believes that Dede's condition can be largely cleared up by a daily doses of a synthetic form of Vitamin A, which has been shown to arrest the growth of warts in severe cases of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)

Source :;jsessionid=MLYGYKBGOGQ2DQFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/11/12/wtree112.xml

Here is a follow up clip with the doctor consulting Dede in hopes of treating him.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Free Flash Games For Your Website

Finally it is Sunday! I have finish a handful of house chores early part of the morning. I have decided to add content to my blog and it is a no brainer to use syndicated content. which claims to be the world's largest provider of web based flash games have a list of games that you may add to your blog or website for free. It is facebook compatible as well.

I am trying to add all those games to my website to expand the site and add variety to it. Hopefully, this will be able to attract some more audience. If proven successful, I will extend this to my other websites. Click here to go the games portion of my personal blog.

Other than that, have fun on the remaining hours of your weekend!


Benny Ong

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Upload Your Face

I stumbled upon this website while uploading some of my pictures on Flickr. For every face they receive, they will donate USD 1.00 to the RED CRESENT in Dubai. Sorough is a real estate agency in the middle east and currently holds the record of having the largest poster in the world.

The 20,000 sq meter poster which is lying flat on the ground along the air path way of Dubai is visible from high above the sky. That is bigger than three football fields put together.

I believe the next plan is to fill up that space with pictures from all over the world. Start submitting your pictures now to be a part of this experience. It is free but I did not spend time to read any of the terms so I am unsure what it will end up to be but what the heck!

Do hurry as there is 44 days left to hit target of 1 million faces.

Click here to be transported to the website!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2007 Zone Meeting & BoB Awards

When I first got the offer to be hosting the annual dinner and meeting, I was a bit doubtful because of the work commitments that I have. Believing in the theory of Screw It! and Let's Do It!, I opt for the offer. Reflecting back on the day now as I am typing this blog post, I have no regrets. I have to admit that it was one hell of a task and I think it went on well.

Although the energy of the crowd was no longer there and I believe it was less people than last year,  Song Yia and me managed to pull a stunt and add taste to the annual meeting.

With The Marcom Girls

I always like to take part in the zone meeting and often was on both sides of the equation as a participant and organizer in certain extend. This time around, I had to make a choice and it was organizing all the way without time to participate in the team building activities.

I was not feeling the best due to food poisoning and everytime I was on stage, I was hoping I would not crap in my pants. Fingers cross, it never happened. Thanks to all the guardian angels that were protecting me from that embarassment.

 Being on stage and hearing my friends screaming my name before we were due to do the dance sequence really reminded me of how lucky and blessed I am to have friends like them. They are just amazing and I am overwhelmed. I thought we were growing distant and apart but that night proved to me to be otherwise.

With JC & Song Yia

If you have not realized, that hairdo was to mimic Brad Pitt from the movie Mr & Mrs Smith. Song Yia was of course playing Mrs Smith.

That's all for now and I will try and grab hold of more pictures to be shared on the blog shortly.


Benny Ong