Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Island Hopping

After a whole day of indoor session, it is time to get outdoors. There are different activities planned out for us by the hotel as requested. One is a speed boat race between two teams that involves completing tasks in several islands. The group was equally separated and I ended in team Yellow. We set off to sea 15 minutes ahead of the competing team because we emerged as winners from a deciding game at the shore. The boat ride lasted 30 minutes to the first island and it was a hell of a ride. I am lucky that I don't have a major back problem because we were practically flying on and off our seats throughout the journey. The rough sea was due to a storm approaching and the rain drops felt like pins piercing through your skin when you are cruising on a speed boat going against it. It was also freezing cold because we were all wet from the combination of waves and rain drops. Once we disembarked on the first island, we took our time to take a group picture as recommended by the marshall because we are very far ahead of the competition. Team Yellow  

Team Yellow!

Our first task was to search for 8 turtle eggs replicas which were actually ping pong balls and 1 chicken egg. Once everything was found, we were required to cook the chicken egg with whatever we can salvage in the surroundings of the bbq pit. Luckily we did not have to consume the egg afterwards as whatever method we have used would have never pass any hygiene policy. 

 Cooking Egg

Cooking The Chicken Egg

The adventure continued on with different tasks on another two islands including the Island of the Pregnant Maiden (Pulau Daya Bunting) before we headed back to the hotel. Something worth mentioning is that the weather conditions were so poor until we had to make a delay our boat ride and make a detour to a nearby port before making the remaining journey back by land. After lunch, the day continued with telematch games on the seaside and eventually, team Yellow emerged as champions!


After Exhausting Series of Telematch

Benny "Champ" Ong

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