Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Solved The Problem

My PC has been making a strong and fairly loud noise lately. Well, to be honest for about more than a year since I was living in the apartments in Bukit Jalil. It never use to bother me because the PC was left out in the hall and no one sleeps there.

 Since moving to USJ, the PC has been setup in my room and the noise was becoming a nuisance. Although I tolerated it and was able to sleep, my mum somewhat believed that it did affected me in some ways. It is really uncanny but I think it did affected me to some extent.

Oh well, my room got repainted recently because of some wet spots and everything in my room have to be moved out. Although not favourable as I have to resort bunking in with my sis, it brought to me more benefits than ever. I took it as an opportunity to tidy my room and solve the long due problem of the mysterious noise originating from my PC.

As I open it up to search for the source of the noise, I realize it was from the processor cooling system. The fan that was covering the processor was practically clogged up with dusts and it reminded me of how my snort used to look like after travelling in the London undergound. A quick swab with a damp cotton bud solved the issue. Now, I am typing this blog post without having to tolerate the noisy fan that was overworking itself previously. I also get to enjoy my music freely without having to turn the speaker out loud to mask the noise. ;)

 Ooo well, that's all from me today and goodnite!ÂÂ

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