Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Create Your Own Flaming Text

Well, I just got home earlier today after a quick trip back to my sweet hometown, Penang. Driving along the highway, I recall the earlier days when I started getting my hands deep down and dirty in web designing. I was mesmerizing the days when a new html code or dhtml scripts that I just learned would keep me happy for hours. There was also website that I was obsessed with when I first found out about it. It is called flamingtext.com which allows you to generate flaming effects with any text that you specify.


Besides the resident flaming effect, there are a whole lot of other fonts available and cool features that you may add to them such as a stained glass effect.

 Stained Glass

There are glowing and shadow effects. I know that you can get this done easily in Photoshop or Fireworks but it is a cool web based generator application powered by CGI. On the plus side, you may access this website from any PC and a logo or fancy text generated for your use anywhere without having to install an application. Although the website has not changed much since I visited it ages ago (I swear it is about more than 5 years since), the good thing is that they are still providing it for free!

Well, that's all for now and I will retire to bed early today in preparation of braving through my inbox after not being at work for the past two days.

C' ya! ÂÂ

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