Monday, October 29, 2007

Conversations & Discussions

The day started out at a slow pace to achieve the key objective of this trip to Langkawi. Straight after breakfeast, we were all gathered at the meeting room whereby we started to set the mood for the day with a quick ice breaker session among all. Although we do know each other, it was nice to know a little bit more. Before I forget, we were all dressed up in our nicely customized team t-shirts!

 We reviewed through the performance of the year and openly discussed any key areas that was raised. It was a very interactive slot that I found to be very useful. Before we knew it, it was already lunchtime. We were given assignments to present on our projected targets for the following year and was scheduled to present it later the day.

Preparing The Presentation Slides

Preparation of Presentation Slides

Before I knew it, lunch was over and although I was one of the last in the line to present, eventually, my time came. It was a very thought provoking session whereby I have to justify every single word that I have shown. Well, it did went on smoothly and I believe I managed the crowd and questions well.

Group Picture

The Group Picture

We finished right on schedule before taking a group picture as a sign of the day has ended. Well, not really actually, after dinner, we were at Chime which is the hotel's pub and bar for some live music by a Filipino band. We stayed on for a while before I escape quietly to retire to bed .. zzz..... 

Benny Ong

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