Friday, September 07, 2007

Dinner @ Hilton Boardwalk Poolside Restaurant

Finally, we were able to have our long overdue celebration dinner. It was to comemorate the performance thrown during our Graduation dinner at our annual company event. The struggle of having this dinner was because of everyone's busy schedule and not being available.

Dinner at Boardwalk Poolside

Despite the mixed reviews, the dinner went on well and the crowd turned out was as well. There was concern over the approaching stormy weather as the breeze seems to become stronger as the dinner progress. The shelter in the form of the small shed will certainly not be able to stand a heavy downpour. We were most definately fortunate because the rain came down softer than we anticipated.

The food served was of big portions of Barbequed meat such as Chicken Satays, Sausages and Lamb Shanks. They tasted good but definately too much for most of our appetite.

The good thing is all of us had fun and it was a good end to a yet productive week in the office.

It also just occured to me that I have not been taking the lead like I used to in ensuring that we have a group picture taken after each event. It was a drive that I somewhat lost. With that said, I will make a commitment to do so in upcoming events since I carry the camera along anyways.

That's it for now. Till the next time. Buh bye!

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