Sunday, September 16, 2007

Create Your Own Avatar

The arrival of Web 2.0 have foster a new generation of inter communication between websites. I myself have always welcome this change and are looking forward at what areas that the internet is stretching itself to. Besides the duplication of content that Google and major search engines are trying to cut down on, there are a few cool applications that works well with social networking sites such as and my new craze

I stumbled upon and made an assumption that it is just another which is a web based image slide show generation tool like what has been created below. All you need to do is allow it to communicate with your web based photo hosting page and it will automatically syndicate content from there. had a special feature that kind of encourage me to try it as you may already know that I am a self worshipper. It is a create your own Avatar tool. All you need is a full face photo of yourself and you can follow the on screen instructions. (You will need to create an account for this, registration only requires your e-mail address and a password of choice)

Well, look at what I have come up with and I used the text to speech converter as my mic did not seem to be working after several rounds of recording. (Which explain's my Manly voice) features does not end there as they have a wider range of other tools that you can mess with and jazz up your blog or pages of your sites.

That's all for now and let me end this with a one line summary: Rocks!

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Slide Converter said...

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