Saturday, August 25, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007

With much buzz going around with the night sky of Putrajaya being lighted up with fireworks, how can I not be a part of the event. We were planning to catch the display from a far without getting tickets but thought it would be worth the money. This is because the fireworks coordinates with the beat of the accompanying music.

Putrajaya International Convention Center
Picture Taken From The Viewing Deck of PICC

It was Team Italy's turn. At 10.00 p.m. sharp after a countdown lead by the DJ, the display started with Nancy Sinatra's song Bang Bang and I was soon hypnotize with the variations of fireworks. It lasted a little over twenty minutes. My favorite fireworks was a green circle with a red star in the middle. I was left impress with how the participants managed to calculate and mixed the chemicals correctly to get such a master piece. You can actually search on YouTube all the participants display captured by visitors. Try to search for the ones with accompanying music.

Just a random thought: Since it was near the airport, I am just wondering how it would be like to have a bird's eye view of the event.

The organization of the whole event could have been better I would say. There were very limited selection of food available to those who decide not to join the buffet which was about roughly RM 100.00 more. The parking was overpriced at RM 10.00 per entry despite the visitors buying tickets to attend the 20 minutes display. There were also a very poorly executed fashion show before the fireworks. Well, my complains did not end there. The journey home took two hours and it put me off from coming back again for the other upcoming ones.

Hopefully the organizer's will be able to capture the learnings from this event and improve it for any more upcoming events at Putrajaya. Click here to find out more about the organizers and future events.

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