Friday, August 03, 2007

Jin Siang's Birthday

Another year has passed and oh boy that was quick! I could still recall that I was in Singapore with JC for our first ever company trip. Well, back to the present. August happens to be the month for a string of birthday celebrations and I do not know whether I am bless to be working with a bunch of Leo's which is a separate discussion altogether.

For Jin Siang's birthday, Angie made arrangements for us to have a Japanese feast at Ninja Jones at Northpoint next to Mid Valley. My take on the food, is of ok standard and was least than I expected but kudos to Angie for the effort. I think everyone there has to agree that the ambience was amazing and they do indeed have good restrooms to compliment it. I even peeked at the ladies with the permission of the girls of course and you can have a good view of every angle when you are relieving yourself due to the surrounding mirrors. (Disclaimer: Not that it is my fetish of any sort)

Ninja Jones

Ninja Jones

As usual, we were the loudest bunch there and it is no surprise if we manage to get Angie's name blacklisted from making anymore reservations. Before I forget, I pity the waiters having to dress like Samurai Ninja's with the face cover. I do not know whether it makes it hard to breath but I believe you can get used to that. Come to think about it, don't the cover look like the anti slip mat that one would have in place on their car dashboard.


Waiter Mask


We progress onto Zeta Bar at Hilton with a full belly to watch the live band too3k which was the birthday boy's favourite. He is deep in love with the lead singer Sinead by the way.

Zeta Bar

Zeta Bar

At about a quarter to midnight, the birthday boy was on stage with the band which I hope he is very happy about (I will persuade the birthday boy to allow me to youtube his video). The band somewhat failed to have a good impression like the first two times we saw their performance. Maybe they are just burnt out from the continous nights or I haven't had enough to drink. Oh well, their time in KL ends this month anyways.

I left at 2.00 a.m. but I believe the rest continued partying. It was a good night indeed!

Benny XXX


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