Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gwen Has Arrived!

Well, I just got back from her concert at Putra Indoor Stadium with my colleagues. We were seated on the front row of the top tier. (Cheap tickets but not the cheapest! So we were cheapskates, but not as cheap as we can be!)

The Bunch Waiting To Enter

The only complaint that I have, well, there are several ones to be honest. First, the sign on the entrance that says no camera or water allowed. Well, can’t the organizer have that in their initial ads. We paid to get in and by all means, I firmly believe it is our right to snap pictures of the concert. What were their concerns, that we will make a profit from the snapshots? At least not allowing us to carry in drinks was a bit justifiable because it was a stunt to earn more money by the organizers as they are selling refreshments in side. (Debatable) I wonder if Gwen even knows about this.

Well, luckily we manage to sneak our cameras through the security check point thanks to the girls. I would have been making a big fuss if the camera was confiscated because there were practically millions of camera flashes in the indoor stadiums anyways. So, we were just being typical enthusiastic fans that wanted to capture the moment. It was a also really pointless to not allow people to bring in cameras but acceptable if they are camera mobile phones. Silly!

The show started about 45 minutes later where the Harajuku Girls started taking over the stage and. She opened the concert with Sweet Escape. (Sadly, Akon was not to be seen after the controversy. Click here to read more and see the video of Akon's mistake)

She belted out hits such as Cool, Rich Girl and 4 In The Morning. The 1 and half hours concert ended with her first solo single What You Waiting For. She did not sing Crash which happens to be one of my fave tracks.

It was another exciting concert and I am thankful that she decided to perform in Malaysia despite all the restrictions in place. I am pretty sure money is not everything for her and she could have done something better than performing in leotard.

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