Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grab Videos From YouTube

I have finally got myself back into messing with scripts. I tested dozens today and thought it was about time I hosted a useful tool.

I spent a good half of Sunday on customizing this. I am planning to add a few functionality and features whereby interested users can brand the page.

This web based tool allows you to download streaming videos into your desktop. It currently works with 8 major sites including YouTube, Ifilm,, MySpace and Google Video. The captured videos are in .flv format and you would require a compatible player for it.

Please share your feedback with me on how you thought about the tool.

Although it is not 100% ready, it was too good for me to put it aside. Have fun playing with it!

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Wayne Liew said...

Downloading streaming videos is certainly a trend as self-made videos has gained its place on the Internet.

I recently posted a download tool for YouTube only but the tool will help converting the video to .avi format, which by the time the video finished it's downloading process, it can be viewed by Windows Media Player.