Friday, August 10, 2007

Double Birthday Bash

Friday has arrived and we celebrated Song Yia’s birthday and Sih Wei’s one in the office with cup cakes from the lately much publicized Cuppacakes. The cake only looked good but did not particularly tasted good even for my sweet tooth. Something that looks that good don’t have to taste nice anyways. The business is operated from a corner lot unit in SS21/SS22 and by the looks of it, they are making an impressive earning. Kudos to Malaysian entrepreneurs!

Song Yia Birthday!

CuppaCakes with part of her name


We gathered at the pantry to sing the standard birthday song and everyone started digging into the cakes after. The day did not end there for me as I was involve in a master plan to surprise Song Yia during her lunch with her team at Lot 10. The look on her face was classic when I showed up with a bouquet of flowers.

Later that evening, we made our way to Yuen Steamboat (I was there a year ago!) at Sunway for dinner. It is another classic tale of chicken wing snatching and I actually saw a piece flying courtesy of Jin Siang. We went into to battle as a strong team of 5 but came back barely alive after the war. To be honest, I was not even prepared for what was to come and I was indeed never going to resort to pushing another person for some chicken wings. (Unless, it is the last piece on earth maybe) Well, it is amazing to see how people’s behavior is influenced by pieces of marinated chicken wings. I saw a few people (I suspect they are fellow bloggers) actually capturing the event on video which I am pretty sure are available somewhere in cyberspace by now.

Contradicting what I just did say, I was very tempted to brave through the people every time I see a fresh batch of wings being brought to the buffet spread. This was even when I was already full. Oh dear! What have I become? The buffet place has turned me into the same people I despise most. However, I still manage to control myself and joined the ice cream queue instead which was trust me, more civilized.

Being the old bunch we were, we headed home after dinner and called it a night.

Benny Ong

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Song Yia said...

Fighting for the chicken wings was interesting. It was similar to a battle field. We had casualties, i.e MY and I. =D