Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back To Penang

Well, it was nice to be back in Penang after 6 looooong months. The thing I missed most will have to be the food and my not too loooooong ago discovered favourite Laksa Lemak in Balik Pulau. I am more incline to this than the Asam Laksa. Well, I like anything with curry in it anyways. (eg. Dry Curry Wan Tan Mee & Dry Curry Hor Fun). 

Eating Laksa Lemak at Balik Pulau

Feasting on Laksa Lemak


It was my sister, Adeline who introduced me to this place and I have felt in love with it ever since. The short drive up hill that leads to Balik Pulau is scenic but can be of a risk during rainy weather. Roughly about 20 minutes from where I live is like a whole new place traditional town that my family enjoys. And with my dad around, there will always be an abundance of food. We started with the nutmeg juice and durian before attacking the Laksa stall.

Part of the agenda was to drop by Kek Lok Si, one of the many landmarks to visit in Penang. I was impress with the progress they have made on the construction of the Goddess of Mercy statue and shrine. I can recall all my childhood memories being there and am very pleased to see the amount of development it has gone through. Since places of worships have become so commercial, I am glad to see progress and evidence that the donations and fundings was channeled to the expansion of the temple. See my contribution that will be immortalized in the new temple building until it breaks. MYR 30.00 to get your name written on a roof tile. (for marketing purposes, I even cheekily wrote the url of my blog on it) There was a complimentary poster of a bird's view of the temple lighten up with lanterns during the night.

Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si Donation


Before we left, we even managed to take an album worthy family picture. Notice the height order.

Family Picture

The Picture Of The Temple Next to Goddess of Mercy Shrine


How can I not snap a picture of my chinese astrology sign.

Year of The Rat

Year of The Rat


As a summary, it was a short yet refreshing trip home. (look at my hair for evidence, non spiked up hair = relax mode)

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