Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another Chapter Ends

Waking up on Father's Day, I tried calling my dad but he was unreachable. So I send him a text message instead. I woke up quite early despite it being the weekend. This must be because I have been so used to going in the office for my out of office hours project roll out.

Yesterday, we have officially completed the project phase of the roll out and all that is left is tying up the loose ends before I leave for home. I am not exactly flying directly home but will spend the upcoming weekend in Amsterdam which I am extremely excited about.

It would be nice to have some time off and relax. I will then be flying home from there to Malaysia in time for my Graduation ceremony.

While I was in the office, the Vendor's project equivalent of myself asked me what I would miss most of London when I leave after being here for about three months. I had to think and I would say it is the ability to take my 20 minute morning stroll to the office and back without having to resort to be soaking in sweat. I would also miss my apartment where I have made my home because this is where I have unwind.

London holds a special place in my heart because I learned and gained so much from this city. I have met people from every walk of life from the time I first arrive in Uni up, working with H&M to being send here for Project. I am pretty sure this will not be the last of London will see of me because I will be back in the near future.

Oh well, everything has to come to an end and I am glad to because I can't wait for what else is in store for me.

That's all for now and do take care!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Roughly 12 Hours later

I just had a warm shower and most definitely one of the best flights ever which arrived as scheduled in Heathrow. I finally felt the privilege of flying Business Class as you are given access to the lounge, better selection of food, spacious seat, fast track passes and your baggage arriving earlier on the conveyer.

The fast track pass was the best of all as I usually spend ages in the queue to clear immigration. The baggage arriving ahead of others was also very helpful as I am always the person to check in early which often causes my baggage to arrive later.

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The only problem I had was with the amount of advertisement showed on the in flight entertainment. Theoretically, there should be no ads at all reason being we paid to fly. It is the same thing with the amount of advertisements shown on Malaysian paid satellite TV Astro. Oh well, Malaysian Airlines also kept repeating themselves on their radio channels to vote them as the best in flight entertainment. I was tempted to vote for them but the amount of advertisements have changed my mind. I can remember the Maybank, Maxis, Digi, Celcom and Visit Malaysia Year 2007 ads more than the content of the shows and movies I have watched.

Uncannily when I collected my keys to the apartment, it was the exact same unit but just a floor up. This makes it easier as I am familiar with the surroundings of the room.

That’s all for now as I try to stay awake till midnight to instantly cure any jet lags and I can’t wait to get into the office tomorrow to get my engines running.

10 days Just Went By

Here once again I find myself in KLIA and getting ready to board my flight to London. I have been flying a lot this year but nothing compared to the amount or frequency that some of my colleagues do. One of the bonuses of frequent travelling on the same carrier is the Air Miles. Since we are in that topic, MAS still owes me some air miles that will entitles me to an upgrade on my Enrich card. I will chase them up when I am back in KL at the end of June.

Looking back on the 10 days that I spent back in KL was well worth it. Although I did not get all the things that I wanted to done, I got most of them out of the way. I renewed my passport, settled some paperwork and the most important thing, met up with my loved ones.

One of the major highlights of my trip is that I am now a permanent staff within BAT. We will be having a graduation ceremony at the end of the month which I will be returning home for. Below are some pictures that we have taken in preparation for the event.


Me Seated in The Middle

 Having Fun

Having Fun in the Karaoke Room

A lot people did mention that I lost weight and my medical check up showed that I shed off roughly 5 kilos. Let's hope when I am back after this trip, I would have a firmer tummy ;) 

Oh well, that's all for now and I will post a quick update once I have arrived in the apartment.