Monday, January 15, 2007

Visit Malaysia Year 2007

 Since it is VMY 2007 and our colleagues from Amsterdam were down for the week, I decided to be a responsible citizen and show them what we have to offer.  

 I will let the picture do the talking on this post. 

Batu Caves

 Batu Caves: The Tallest Lord Murugan Statue in The World

Eye On Malaysia @ Lake Gardens

The Eye On Malaysia @ Lake Gardens (Tasik Titiwangsa)

JC+Me in Gondola No 22

JC + Me in Gondola No 22 of The Eye On Malaysia

Ingrid + Me @ KLCC Park

Ingrid + Me @ KLCC Park

Aquaria KLCC with Chantal

 Me + Chantal @ Aquaria KLCC

Giant Squid @ Aquaria KLCC

Giant Squid Prop in Aquaria KLCC


Funny thing is that the website for Eye On Malaysia is still under construction at time of this post about a week after it has been officially launched. When will it be ready? In 2008 when the wheel is about to be removed? Check out the official website of the makers at  

That practically sum up my Sunday. Till next time, take care.

Benny Ong XXX

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