Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Team Dinner @ Globe House

Today is particularly a huge day for me as it is one of the highlights of my visit to the London office. I was required to present the findings and progress of a joint management trainee project. It was something that has been haunting me for about a month since I knew that I will be going to the UK.

The slides that have gone through countless rework and modifications will finally make its debut to a crowd that will probably eat us alive if we did not know our stuff. Luckily enough, I will be presenting with three project team members. The diversification of presenters we believe will make our findings more credible.

Smoking Cigars

Smoking Cigars

The time of the presentation was at 2.00 at Savoy Hotel just off the Strand. We have spent the whole morning on mock presentations which did not go on as smoothly. All the words we uttered and mumbled did not make sense and was indicating being incompetent. It is not usual for all of us to be like that. I was puzzled to see how pressure can affect our presentation skills. We never ever realize this seeing each of us presenting countless of times previously. It might be that we never did a presentation of this scale before to an audience who might not even know we existed in the company.

The Lobby of The Office

Mark Chow, Chris, Me, Brian Lane and Soon Shuen

The good news was the presentation went really well. Although we did not escape without questions, I believe the team handled it very professionally and calm. After the almost 2 hour session, we headed back to the office for fine dining dinner on the eight floor of the office building. I tried Dunhill’s cigar for the first time after dinner where a lady was walking around offering them.

After Malt Whisky Session

At the Pub after trying Malt Whisky

The night continued after that when we headed down to a pub close to Trafalgar Square for Malt Whisky on the rocks. I took three of them with increasing level of alcohol each time. I honestly did not like the taste as they were too strong. I use to mix my whisky with coke but according to them, those ones are cheap and the expensive ones are meant to be drunk the way they are.

We stayed quite late chatting the night away until everyone else left.

It is certainly another memorable day for myself.

Benny Ong XXX

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