Sunday, November 19, 2006

RM1,299 Flushed Away

Greetings everyone,

How was your weekend spent? Mine was pretty good as now I can say that I am a proud owner of a Zara Man’s leather jacket. As I will be going to the UK shortly, I needed some winter clothing and with the allowance that I was given, I totally blew it. It is the most expensive piece of clothing that I have bought even the shop-a-holic girls at work was shock to hear of my purchase. Curious on how it looks like, check the picture below.

My Zara Leather Jacket

My Zara Leather Jacket

Now, tell me if it is worth it or not? I believe people will say that you can get much more stuff for that amount of money or there are cheaper leather jackets. Whatever people’s opinion are, I knew that I had no regrets when I swiped my credit card.

The main reason I got it was because of the smart formal look and I was convince by a friend’s opinion when she was there.

Now, shortly after, I headed down to Cineleisure to catch a flick which was Flushed Away. I was surprise to see that there was something different from the trailer as I believe seeing Roody (If I got the name correct), which was the posh Mouse living in Kensington having two butlers. My sister realized the same thing as well. Maybe the producers decided to make a last minute modifications before the release.

This movie was brought to you by the same gang that gave us the claymation Wallace and Gromit’s The Curse of The Were Rabbit.

Any how, it was a good movie as the story was very original and it might be the best animation of the year so far. Speaking about computer generated animations this year, this possibly might be my favorite in the sense of the originality of its story line. Just a reminder of some other animation that was release this year, Disney’s The Wild, Disney’s Car, Over the Hedge, Monster’s House and what is to come, Nickelodeon’s Barnyard.

I am planning to catch Happy Feet this Wednesday as I have heard good reviews about it so far. So we will see how that goes.

And 1 last thing, I spend the two days stuffing myself which explains why my face is so puffed up and now I need to work out the whole week. (Planning to work extra hard on tomorrow’s Body Combat lessons)

Until next time, take care.

Benny Ong

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