Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gala Dinner & BoB Awards

Finally, the night that everyone was waiting for has arrived. It is GSD’s first ever Gala Dinner with a Best of the Best (BoB) Awards presentation. Well, my company decided to have this event align with the earlier mentioned Zone Meeting.

Picture With The Bosses

Picture With the Leadership Team

It was the talk among my group for weeks when it was first made known and we were discussing about what to wear. I might sound a bit vein here but I pressure myself to dress up well as a majority of global staff was around. I definitely wanted to project myself as an image conscious person. I did not know how I look to others but I am pleased with what I wore.

It was a Victorian shirt that I bought when I was working in H&M Knightsbridge accompanied with a suit from G2000.

Gajana With Red Hair!

Look at Gajana with Red Hair

One major thing worth remembering of the night is how everyone managed to leave the meeting which ended late and get ready on time for the dinner. I especially salute the girls for being able to even get their hair done for the night.

It was no disappointment for everyone who did so as everyone look amazing in their suit, tux and gown. The theme of the evening was a masquerade which I kept visualizing of the movie Casanova.

The evening began with a violinist followed by a singer with a live band. Appetizers were served followed by the main course which then the awards were given away. I am not nominated this time but am pretty sure that I will make an appearance in the list of nominees next time around.

James Bond Pose

James Bond Pose

The awards ended and it was announced that it was also my companies head of HR’s birthday where the crowd started singing the birthday song. I wondered how he felt?

The young bunch (of course me and the gang) started to convert the stage into a dance floor where we dance the night away.

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