Tuesday, November 07, 2006

DJ Benny Ong

Greetings all,

Today, I spent the whole day at Sunway Convention center manning the GSD radio booth for the Zone Meeting (Something like an annual meeting) and this is what I will be doing for two days with the exception of tomorrow where I will be a participant as well.

GSD radio is an initiative in my company to reach out to the staff and the BAT group about what our company is working on and what we are all about. There are currently four episodes featuring interviews with top management on life after work and the latest happenings. It is broadcast bi-monthly in the internally within BAT.

I was told to help out on taking care of the booth past midnight on Friday which I did not hesitate at all to do so as it can help to add variety to my work life. It is also a great opportunity for me to learn something about event management.

My colleagues stayed to help me till past midnight the day before to decorate the booth. Although it looks simple in the picture, lots of effort was put into it but I am glad everything turned out pretty fine.

Dj Benny Ong

GSD Radio Booth

BTW, if you haven’t notice, I wore Red Shoes and a matching top to go with the theme and the logo of GSD radio.

To spice things up, there was a competition to win Ipod shuffles.

That’s all for now and this is just the start to a busy busy week!


Benny Ong XXX

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