Thursday, November 09, 2006

BTA Graduation + Bowling With The Bosses

Today is the graduation of the first wave of BTAs (Business Technology Associates) which I am part of but the only difference is that I am in the second batch. My graduation will be in May or June next year.

The graduation is the celebration of 38 BTAs that was absorbed as permanent staff. Following the long list of events in my office, this is meant to be the last of the lot. I arrive in the office as early as I can after last nights late gala dinner.

We were told in earlier communication to dress up formal as we had the Minister of Human Resource, Datuk Fong Chan On (Don’t know if I spelled the name correctly) present.

The day revealed as planned and as usual, there would be free food throughout the day and this time around catered by Le Meridien.

Picture of Sih Wei & Me

Sih Wei The Usher & Me

The graduation also coincides with the grand opening of GSD’s Lifestyle Center called Chillz@8. It was also announce to us that we will be getting monthly subsidy of RM150 to spend in our cafeteria for food.

I rushed out of the office to get the bowling event with my department leadership team sorted out. Bowling was to replace the paintball match that has to be cancelled because of poor weather conditions.

The Whole Gang

The Team at The Bowling Event

My team won the bowling after three consecutive games with a lead of 39 points. A very close margin I would say which translates to about two strikes back to back. The most important thing was that everyone seems to have had heaps of fun.

We later proceed to Avanti at Sunway Resort Hotel for dinner which I had the chef’s recommendation of Sea Bass. Dinner lasted till about nine when most of them need to leave for the airport.

I continued by visiting another group at Flam’s before calling it a day.

Benny Ong XXX

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