Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Strike Lottery

Yup, you read the heading right and I am not joking. I won the lottery. Today I spent RM 12 on three different lottery number agencies and called my mum to check on the results later that night after the draw.

I was really surprise to hear that I have won. Suddenly, it was not about the amount but the sense of luck.

I never usually buy lottery numbers as I don’t gamble but what triggered me was in the morning, I somehow manage to scratch the bumper of my car on the raised barrier of the drain next to the parking lot. Mind you, I have amazing side parking skills. With that mentioned, I felt a big superstitious and decide to try my luck on buying my car’s number plate.

Well, enough said. You can call it coincidence or once in a lifetime occurrence but I firmly believe that there is more to it.

I wish you all the luck in the world!, Wish me luck and we will see when it is the next time I will strike it big.

“Feelin’ Lucky� Benny Ong

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