Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Graveyard of The Fireflies

I have been a die hard fan of Studio Ghibli ever since I first watch Princess Mononoke while I was studying in London.

Thanks to a friend, I can now watch the whole box set of Studio Ghibli feature length presentations.

Till date, I have watched in no particular order:

1) Howl’s Moving Castle*
2) Spirited Away (Academy Award Winning)*
3) Kiki’s Delivery Service
4) My Neighbour Totoro
5) Graveyard of The Fireflies
6) Pom Poko
7) Princess Mononoke*

I recommend that you watch those marked with *.

I just finish watching Graveyard of The Fireflies which is one of the saddest cartoons besides Disney’s The Fox and The Hound. It was a tale during the war times in the land of the rising sun.

I particularly like how the animators can portray human emotions through their cartoon characters. It is no doubt a job well done.

That’s all for now as I am selecting what I am going to watch next.

As Tigger always like to say, TTFN. Ta Ta For Now!

Benny Ong

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