Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Pleasant Day with Friends

Greetings all,

Yup, I am officially back in Bukit Jalil, KL and ready to get life back in the rat race. (although my ideology is to get out of it) The stay in Penang was a much needed one and I somewhat have sinked in to my life in KL.

I had an appointment with the girls at work for Dim Sum breakfast at A Little Dim Sum Place (That is the real name) in Hartamas that was organized by JC. I picked up JC (My GPS Navigation system) before making a stop at Bangsar to grab Gajana.

We were of course the earliest there and we started ordering as we please. The selection was reasonable and it was served to the table as ordered by looking at the menu instead of the traditional methods where trolleys were pushed around.

The others soon arrive and we ended up talking about a lot of stuff. Although I am not too particularly proud about it because my manhood was attacked numerous times. I am surprise about how open they can be and the range of diverse topics that can be covered within that duration and how it can smoothly progress from one topic to another. I salute Women for that ability!

Angie (with make up on) left earlier for a movie at Mid Valley and I was left to accompany the girls shopping at the small boutiques around Hartamas before having lunch at Old Town Restaurant.

I soon parted with the girls and headed to Ikea to see Chuen Ping, she is down here from Singapore for a short visit. She was one of the closest friends of mine when I was in the UK. I kidnapped her from her host to have pancakes at Paddington House of Pancakes (I hope I got the name right). I had a drink called fizzy ginger and orange which I believe was the cause of my constant burping and gas emissions for the rest of the evening.

I soon parted with her and went home to watch 5 episodes of Desperate housewives back 2 back.

That's all for now....

Benny Ong XXX

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