Friday, September 01, 2006

Negotiation Skills

Here I am, in the office all alone on the Friday after Merdeka (A public holiday). The row that I am seated in is usually noisy with our presence, the trainees. However, more than half of the staff have applied for leave to enjoy an extended weekend off. I would have happily applied for it and drove back to Penang but was turn off by the massive traffic jam that will usually occur from such events.

It has been ages since I have spoken to my coach about what I wanted to achieve career wise. One of the major things that I wanted to improve was my Negotiation skills. The company training on Negotiation is over and the next one available will be in 2007. So, he suggested that I look up the internet for one and I stumbled upon this amazing site called They offer a free e-training on Negotiation which I am currently following.

Hopefully, after months to come, I will be able to improve my Negotiation Skills. Good luck to everyone else who have the same goals as me! Please do share with me other good sites that you have across.

Have A Nice Weekend!

Benny Ong

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