Monday, September 18, 2006

Lifestyle Center Soft Launch @ Work

Today at 5, everyone in the office gathered around the newly renovated unit that will be our "Lifestyle Center" or leisure center to relax after work or during breaks. There was a competition earlier on naming the center and the winning name was "Chilzs @ 8" which is catchy one I believe. Now, there is a competition on designing the logo which I am more than keen to join.

If you are curious on what is in the center, there is a fully equiped gym, a karaoke room (for the old chaps), a TV room, a training room, two massage chairs, an i-Gallop (seriously), a cafeteria (Due to server food in October), Shower rooms (No Water at the moment), Snooker Table, Internet PC Stations and Fusball that everyone is excited about. (See the pictures below of us testing it out)

Fusball Action

Serious Fusball Action

Fusball Posing

Serious Posing

Ailton & Me

Ailton & Me

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