Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Things Will Only Get Better

Today is Tuesday, a lot of things have been happening to me throughout the week. Most of them are bad.

Although I tend to forget about them and concentrate about the good things in life, I would be lying if I say that those events have not affected my behavior lately.

I am feeling down for a couple of days now and unfortunately I can’t find the root cause. I think what I am going through is somewhat like a depression caused by hormonal imbalance. I want to blame puberty and menopause but I am far over one and nowhere near the other.

Anyone with a good remedy to cure such mood swings? Please share your tips.

Well, wait up till my next post and I know things will get better. ; )

Benny Ong XXX

1 comment:

hafizi said...

one way that I know of is don't keep things to urself..

man, if u just keep it inside, someday u'll explode, badly (though i can't picture you in that situation)...

a good company is probably what u need now..