Friday, August 25, 2006

Steamboat & Chicken Wings

Today, we brave through the heavy rain to get to Bandar Sunway for Steamboat. Although the initial reason to have it was to celebrate the birthday of the August babies in our company, only one showed up. Shame on the rest who did not.

Me and My Buddies Having Steamboat

The place was a corner lot shop offering seafood steamboat buffet at about Rm20.00 per head which was a steal. JC knows the boss and manage to get us a table although we booked very late.

Besides being a good bargain, the place was famous for its chicken wings which everyone will grab as if they were starving once it is place on the buffet spread. Since, we were seated fairly close to where the wings were served in the buffet line, I can't help it but be amuse everytime people rush for the wings.

Chicken Wings

We of course were not left out of the fun when most of us attempt to squeeze ourselve to get our equal share of the wings or sometimes even more. A stunt pulled by JC which was practically scooping the wings of the tray with her plate left everyone stunt. We could not stop laughing as others were left starring at her including the waiter.

It was definately a fun night which I ended by bringing Seong Chun and Jin Siang back to the office at midnight and we stayed till close to 2 in the morning.

That's all for the moment and take care.

Benny Ong XXX

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The Personal Blog of Benny Ong - » Blog Archive » Double Birthday Bash said...

[...] Later that evening, we made our way to Yuen Steamboat (I was there a year ago!) at Sunway for dinner. It is another classic tale of chicken wing snatching and I actually saw a piece flying courtesy of Jin Siang. We went into to battle as a strong team of 5 but came back barely alive after the war. To be honest, I was not even prepared for what was to come and I was indeed never going to resort to pushing another person for some chicken wings. (Unless, it is the last piece on earth maybe) Well, it is amazing to see how people’s behavior is influenced by pieces of marinated chicken wings. I saw a few people (I suspect they are fellow bloggers) actually capturing the event on video which I am pretty sure are available somewhere in cyberspace by now. [...]