Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Singapore Day 1

Today we arrived at Singapore at about 1.30 pm at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. The Aeroline coach ride has been comfortable and now all we need to do is get to Classique Hotel that we’ve made reservations at in Jalan Besar. We took a cab there and freshen ourselves up before heading to Orchard Road for some shopping.

Taking the MRT from Farrer Park lead us there and we wasted no time looking for Gelato as it was JC’s craving for ages. All we know that it was located at Shaw House and before we knew it, we were enjoying Gelato. My favorite flavour has to be Chocolate Mint.

Near Clark Quay

As our shopping adventure continues, we saw loads of good deals and stores selling National Day themed clothing. Singapore’s 41st National Day was just around the corner. I bought two tops at U2.

Mos Burger
Me Reuniting with Mos Burger (Used To Exist in KL)

Our journey brought us to Takashimaya that was having a crazy toy sale. Most of you might know that I have a liking for model kits and figurines. The prices were slashed like mad but unfortunately, I can’t buy much as they were bulky.

Clark Quay

We practically spend about three hours at Orchard Road before heading to Clark Quay for our dinner appointment at Brewerkz. I was surprise to see how huge and busy Brewerkz were. I had Black Cod with Asparagus as a main course and the brownie as dessert. Clark Quay was scenic and apparently Ministry of Sound Singapore is just nearby as well.

Since Brewerkz is a micro brewery, there were various blend of beer that they offered. I decided to go for the Sample set that will allow me to taste the six types in 60ml glass. I liked Golden Ale best but after finishing drinking everything, I can’t recall how each taste like. We even bought a six pack to go.

Mustafa Center

We headed back to Classique Hotel and started packing for the next day. As both of us could not sleep, we decided to go to Mustafa Center at 1.00 a.m which opens 24 hours and was just across the road. The place was packed with stuff and the layout was not the best or shopping friendly. I was wondering how they would be able to evacuate if there was an emergency. We left empty handed.

I ended the day when I fell asleep watching CSI in the hotel room.

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