Thursday, August 24, 2006

My First Talent Casting

I am excited about today and do not know what to expect after a call from my friend I know as Horlicks surprise me. She works freelance for a production house and told me to attend a casting. She said they wanted to bank on my ability to speak Hokkien.

I went to the talent studio in Bandar Utama called Indepent Casting if I remembered correctly and there I was given a story board by a pretty chick called Meredith who handles the casting. It was an ad for a famous digital camera company.

Without any experience at all, they first took down my details and soon recorded my profile. I was told to do some impromptu acting which I believe was reasonable for someone who has not attended any classes.

Soon, it was the real deal. I had to act out according to the story board but I was told that I am not restricted by the script. When she yelled start, I let loose and started cursing in Hokkien uttering words that I have never used in a conversation before. The inspiration came from the Singaporean movie I Not Stupid and some other from the same team.

Later that evening, I was send a text message by Horlick stating that I have been one of the three short listed for the filming to be done in 2nd September. I can’t help it but feel excited. I will update you on the outcome as soon as I get any news.

Benny Ong XXX

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