Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Montein and Bar Flam's @ Bangsar

Attended another dinner event but this time with the big boys of the company. Yup, basically the Leadership team of my company flew in from various parts of the world (Brazil, Germany, UK) for a mid year review that is scheduled for tomorrow.

I believe they were in a bunch of meetings before arriving fashionably late at Montien for dinner which was served buffet style. That was not much time to mingle around as the balcony area was packed and time was running out.

There was once again free flow of beer which contributes to my ever growing belly. Who says that you stop growing after your teen years.

Some of the food on the spread were Tom Yam, Kerabu, Green Curry and a platter of fried stuff. Dessert was Sago and Tapioca with Caramel. Unfortunately, I did not take much pictures to share due to the crowd present.

Me & Gajana @ Montein
Gajana & Me @ Montein

We headed to Bar Flam’s at Bangsar for a drink before heading home.

Bar Flams
The Leadership team @ Bar Flams

Benny Ong XXX

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