Saturday, August 05, 2006

Internet Marketing Preview and Shopping Spree

Today I attended the free preview of the Internet Marketing Center at Hotel Armada in PJ. I was once again reunited with the same facilitator from a previous Internet Marketing preview I attended in Penang. He was once again, bragging about how good his life was because of the internet.

I would have wanted to stay longer because there were some key tips being shared but have to leave early because I was sharing the car with my sis. I drove back and picked up my sis to go to KLCC for shopping.

There were certainly some good bargains in Isetan and Padini was having their clearance sale in the Gallery inside Isetan on the first floor if I still remember correctly. I bought two shirts from there for a bargain. Just for info to some of the readers, did you know that you can get free 3 hours parking if you are an Isetan Club member and spend a minimum of RM100.

I further continued to shop by getting ownership of a pair of Key Ng’s Linen Trousers which I plan to wear to work. I never bothered to look at designer brands but the designs were irresistible and the prices was definitely a bargain. With all the buys, I have blown up my clothes budget for the month.

Now, the next item that I will be getting will be a pair of leather and sports shoes. Yup, I haven’t given up yet after missing out on the Hush Puppies sales at Hotel Armada last weekend.

I spend the night playing the card game of “Chor Tai Tee� with my sister’s friend. The game became more exciting with the presence of alcohol. We played and drank till late.

That’s all for now, till my next post, take care….

Benny Ong XXX

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