Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bypass SurfControl To Access G-Mail

After days on trying to access my Gmail account at my office, I finally made it.

I installed a script called G-mail Lite on my site and now I can happily access my account. The link is - UPDATE: 06 January 2007 dead link, click here to read this new post for an update!

This will be a relief to everyone else who’s current access is blocked by surfcontrol. Share this link with your mates before it gets indexed and blocked by Surfcontrol.

Happy checking your mail!

Benny Ong XXX


sihwei said...

Hmmm..... Benny, better dont let wai theng know about it if u want to continue to happily accessing you Gmail in GSD!!! ^_^

Vince said...

Yo bro... your gmail access here has been blocked by infra!
Create a new one! quick!

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