Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bride & Prejudice

Woke up late today after last night’s heavy drinking session. I decided to accompany our awoken guest by playing the movie Bride & Prejudice (Thank You Angie! for heaps of Movies) while the others stay in bed. I’ve heard loads about this movie when I was in the UK and am always a fan of fusion. Bride & Prejudice was a very ambitious movie but unfortunately, I do not think that it went well with cinema goers.

Movie Poster

There were scenes that should have remain in Tamil movies and will never work in western movies. If you grown up watching tamil films on TV like me, you will be familiar with the love, dance, religious and musical scenes. To those who have never been enlighten by a Tamil film before, those mentioned four aspects will always be covered.

The thing that always attracted me to Tamil movies are the dance and music when crowds of strangers will suddenly be dancing and singing in harmony in odd places. There will also be the unforgettable love running and chasing scene in the parks and among the trees.

My opinion is that this all failed badly in Bride & Prejudice. However, credits should be given to all that have worked hard to make this movie and it seemed that they have fun filming it. It will also work as a benchmark for more cultural fusion films to be in the theatres and cinemas. If I am not wrong, this movie was directed by the UK based directed which also created the movie Bend It Like Beckham which discovered Keira Knightly.

We all got ready and left for lunch after the movie before dispersing and heading home respectively. My initial plan was to go look for shoes and a refrigerator but fell asleep till about 5 before I receive a text message to hear about my friends mother’s passing. I will be attending the funeral tomorrow after work.

I then headed off for a walk in the park at Taman Bukit Jalil which is just next to where I live. The park is very beautiful and is within walking distance. I promise to bring my camera next time around and share it with you bunch here.

Well, I am about to go out now for dinner. Till next time, take care….

Benny Ong XXX

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